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Excellent taste and smell quality

With the Crystal Bar Disposable Pod Device, you will experience the ultimate flavour delivery and it will give you the ultimate Nicotine fix blended with pure flavour perfection.

Immediate use

There is no set-up required with this device. Instead, you can vape this device as soon as it's out of the box!

Vape that glows

LED indicator light glows, shining through the device, reaching upward toward the mouthpiece.

VAPIFY stores

Vapify T/C Kurzeme

Residents and guests of Liepāja, you are welcome to visit Vapify stand:

T/C Kurzeme,

13 Liela Street, Liepāja.

Vapify Cenuklubs

You are welcome to visit Vapify stand:

Rēzeknes Street 3, "Cenu Klubs"

Vapify Līgo Bazārs

Residents and guests of Jūrmala! 

You are welcome to visit Vapify stand in

Jūrmala, Raina Street 112B, Shopping mall Līgo Bazārs.

Stores in Riga

List of all stores in Riga where you can buy our products.

Stores in Latvia

List of all stores where you can buy our products even if you have gone to enjoy life outside the hustle and bustle of the capital.

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